Committees and Working Groups

Icklesham Parish Council has five committees, the Planning Committee, the Staffing Committee, the Flagpole Committee, the Allotments Committee and the Open Spaces Committee.

Members of the Planning Committee are: Cllr Ms Austen, Cllr Mrs Stanford, Cllr S Turner, Cllr Mrs Lyward  (Vice Chairman,) Cllr Warren (Chairman,) and Cllrs P Turner and Smedley (ex officio.)

Here are the terms of reference: PLANNING COMMITTEE – Terms of Reference

Members of the Staffing Committee are: Cllr Mrs Merricks (Chairman,) Cllr Mrs Stanford, Cllr S Tollett, Cllr S Turner and Cllr P Turner.

Here are the terms of reference: Terms of Reference Staffing Committee 070915 Terms of Reference Staffing Working Group

Members of the Allotment Committee are Cllr Ms Austen, Cllr Davis, Cllr Tollett and Cllr P Turner. The Terms of Reference is below.

Members of the Flagpole Committee are Cllr Mrs Stanford, Cllr Tollett and non-councillor members: Joe Brown, Ms Tanya Cutting, Roy Roberts, Mrs Lorraine Stevens, Andrew Tollett and Richard Tollett.

Here are the terms of reference: TOR – Rye Harbour Flagpole Committee

Flagpole Committee agenda Tuesday 19th June 2018

Flagpole Committee draft minutes 27th June 2017

27th June 2017 – Flagpole Committee Agenda

2017.03.24 – Minutes of working group

2017.04.28 – Minutes of working group

2017.06.09 – Minutes of working group

2017.05.01 – Flagpole working group Equality Impact Assessment

Flag Flying schedule 2017


Working Groups

The council currently has four working groups.

The Open Spaces Working Group is still in existence but  there is now an Open Spaces Committee (see separate page.) The group reports to the committee that deals with all open spaces matters other than allotments. The members are: Cllr Ms Austen, Cllr Moore, Cllr Smedley, Cllr Sutton, Cllr Tollett and Cllr Davis.

Here are the terms of reference: Terms of Reference OSWG approved 140915

The Rye Harbour Car Park and Toilets Working Group has been set up to look at the proposed leasing of these facilities from Rother District Council. The group consists of the ward members Cllr Mrs Stanford and Cllr Tollett, Cllr Smedley, the Chairman and Vice Chairman. There are also non councillor members, Roy Roberts, Richard Tollett and Barry Yates.

The group was renamed as the Car Park and Public Conveniences Working Group on the 25th October 2016 as Rother District Council has offered to devolve the running of the public conveniences at Winchelsea and Winchelsea Beach, plus the access road into the Rye Harbour Car Park to the Parish Council.

Here are the terms of reference: Rye Harbour Car park & Public Conveniences Working Group and Committee Terms of Reference amended 251016

Please see below for the agenda, draft minutes and associated documents for the meeting of the 25th October 2016. You will note from the draft minutes that this project is at the fact finding stage and no decision has been recommended. A public meeting will be held when sufficient information is know for the council to consult residents.

Please see below for the agenda for the next meeting and other documents.

The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group consists of all councillors and the terms of reference will be discussed at the first meeting.

The Affordable Housing Working Group consists of all councillors and will take forward the affordable housing project. The terms of reference will be drawn up at the first meeting.

The Administration Working Group consists of all councillors and deals with how the council administers its business.