Committees and Working Groups

Icklesham Parish Council has four committees, the Planning Committee, the Staffing/Admin Committee, the Allotments Committee and the Open Spaces Committee.

Members of the Planning Committee are: Cllr Ms Bradley, Cllr Mrs Lyward, Moore, Mrs Stanford, Cllr Warren (Chairman,) and Cllrs P Turner and Smedley (ex officio.)

Here are the terms of reference: PLANNING COMMITTEE – Terms of Reference

Members of the Staffing Committee are: Cllr Ms Bradley, Mrs Lyward (Chairman,) Mrs Merricks, Cllr Mrs Stanford, Cllr S Tollett and the Chairman or vice Chairman.

Here are the terms of reference: Terms of Reference Staffing Committee 070915 Terms of Reference Staffing Working Group

Members of the Allotment Committee are Cllr Ms Austen, Ms Bradley, Mrs Merricks and the Chairman and Vice Chairman (ex officio.) The Terms of Reference is below.

Members of the Open Spaces Committee are: Mrs Lyward, Mrs Merricks, Myers, Sutton, Tollett and the Chairman and Vice Chairman (ex officio.) The terms of reference is below.

Working Groups

The council currently has working groups that sit under the governance of the committees above with exception of the Affordable Housing Group, see below.

The Affordable Housing Working Group consists of all councillors and will take forward the affordable housing project. The terms of reference will be drawn up at the first meeting.