Traffic Calming – Icklesham Parish Council

Public Meeting 21st May 2022

Here are the results of the traffic calming options vote:

Here is the GTA Civils & Transport Report

Here is the first issue layout layout drawing of the ‘no left turn, no right turn’ option received from GTA:-

Here are the minutes of the 9th March 2020 with the amended PWLB loan application resolution.

Here is the parish magazine magazine for January 2020

Here is the parish magazine (November/December) with an update on speed calming.

On 11th November 2019 Full Council considered the recommendation from the Open Spaces Committee of the 28th October 2019 to proceed with the next phase of the project and to apply to the secretary of state to borrow £36,000 over 25 years to fund this; see the minutes below for more information on the borrowing application and decision:

Update: The Open Spaces Committee has recommended that the council proceeds to the design phase of the project. Here are the minutes of the committee:

Thank you to all the residents who responded to the traffic calming consultation. The results of the consultation will be put to the Open Spaces Committee for them to consider the results and make a recommendation to full council.

Here is the report that will go to the Open Spaces Committee on the 28th October 2019 about the results of the consultation on phase one of the project.

The Winchelsea Speed Calming Consultation commences on the 1st September 2019 and runs until the 11th October 2019. We would like to hear your views on the project. The final consultation documents are below. If you would like to comment please print and complete the feedback document and post it to the clerk or drop it in one of the collection boxes in each of the wards (details of the locations will be provided.) Alternatively email the clerk at: or add your comment to this page.

Here is the paper presented at the meeting of the Open Spaces Committee on Monday 22nd July 2019. This will be amended slightly in line with comments received.

We are holding a public meeting in Winchelsea on Saturday 1st December 2018 at 12.15 to consult residents in Winchelsea on traffic calming measures. Here is the poster: